Weird is Wonderful

(An excerpt taken from a job questionnaire regarding having a different perspective)

I think weirdness is one of the most vital traits a person can have. Not the creepy ‘muttering and staring at strangers on the bus in a trench coat’ weird; but the kind of weird that makes you stop and reassess the way you see things. No matter how that manifests in someone — the work they do, the clothes they wear, their mannerisms, their jokes, their ideas, their perspective. Society seems to have this aversion to weird that is so counterintuitive and uncomfortable — I don’t care what people think: weird is fun, it makes people smile, laugh, grimace, squirm, question; it makes them feel something completely alien. It’s a breath of fresh air in an age where you could almost be forgiven for thinking that originality has arrived at its terminus — the digital era has made everyone and everything so interconnected, there is a distinct sense of duplication and monotony between ourselves. Like it’s all been seen, heard and done before. But it hasn’t. Weirdness is the key to going beyond that. It’s kind of like a form of creative intelligence.